First look: FANGORIA #323 cover and contents

FANGORIA #323 doesn’t hit the shelves or arrive in your mailbox till next month, but we’ve got the first peek at the full contents and—oh, LORDS!—the cover.

That’s THE LORDS OF SALEM, Rob Zombie’s much-awaited new movie that marks a new direction for his big-screen terrors. We have lengthy, exclusive chat with the man about LORDS, and he talks up his new album as well. Elsewhere in the mag, we have a major focus on the new, exciting wave of Latin American horror, with interview features on Adrián García Bogliano’s HERE COMES THE DEVIL, Nicolás López and Eli Roth’s AFTERSHOCK and many more. Then there’s an examination of the splattery FX of the new EVIL DEAD, a set visit to TV’s HANNIBAL to talk the new Lecter with actor Mads Mikkelsen, Jörg Buttgereit speaking on the occasion of NEKROMANTIK’s 25th anniversary and much more Head down past the cover for the full details!



ON SET: “HANNIBAL” We take Dr. Lecter, a.k.a. Mads Mikkelsen, away from his dining room for a chat. Plus: co-stars Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne speak.

PREVIEW: “HERE COMES THE DEVIL” His arrival precipitates a Mexican family’s breakdown in Adrián García Bogliano’s exercise in unease.

INTERVIEW: AMY HESKETH Next time you go someplace like Bolivia, you may run into one brave actress/filmmaker.

PREVIEW: “HIDDEN IN THE WOODS” Patricio Valladares’ exploitation homage leaves absolutely nothing unseen.

PREVIEW: “AFTERSHOCK” Eli Roth helped Chilean filmmaker Nicolás López shake things up with his earthquake opus.

PREVIEW: “EL SANATORIO” It took Costa Rica’s Miguel Alejandro Gómez to put a fresh spin on the haunted-asylum subgenre.

PREVIEW: “THE CONDEMNED” Puerto Rico isn’t such a friendly place in Roberto Busó-García’s study of horrific guilt.

INTERVIEW: JÖRG BUTTGEREIT On its 25th anniversary, the creator of “Nekromantik” looks back on his (rotting) body of work.

MINIFEATURE: “THANATOMORPHOSE” Even if you can’t pronounce its title, you’ll want to see Éric Falardeau’s debut feature.

FEATURE: THE FX OF “EVIL DEAD” Join us in the makeup lab where grueling terror was born. Plus: Bruce Campbell on the remake.

PREVIEW: “THE LORDS OF SALEM” Rejecting the studio system, Rob Zombie witchcrafted his latest movie his way. Plus: Zombie talks his “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” album.

INTERVIEW: JOHN FASANO Heavy metal met horror and spawned rubber-monster mayhem in this director’s late-’80s opus.

PREVIEW: “ANTIVIRAL” Brandon Cronenberg follows in his dad’s footsteps by getting under the skin of celebrity worship.

PREVIEW: “ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY” Tinkering with genetics can really mess with your head, according to Eron Sheean’s biological thriller.

INTERVIEW: ANDREA MARCOVICCI Co-starring with Michaels Caine and Moriarty, she faced “The Hand” and other “Stuff.”

PREVIEW: “SIGHTSEERS” Fresh off “Kill List,” director Ben Wheatley embarks on a more picturesque but no less murderous jaunt.

PREVIEW: “IT’S IN THE BLOOD” And it’s in the woods, where filmmaker Scooter Downey confronts Lance Henriksen with personal demons.

INTERVIEW: CHARLES BAND He keeps playing on, turning out low-budget horror flicks under a Full Moon.

MINIFEATURE: “BLOOD ON THE WINDSCREEN” The bloody side of the Australian car culture is explored in these pages.

ON SET: “GRIMM” We drop in on the men, women and monsters populating NBC’s horror/fantasy show.

PREVIEW: “BLACK ROCK” Director/star Katie Aselton strands herself and two friends on an island where male aggression runs amok.


FIRST RITES Robbed Zombie

POSTAL ZONE Fango readers’ love of Brian

MONSTER INVASION Previews of “Kiss of the Damned,” “Home Sweet Home” and more

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “Phantasm II,” “Jacob,” “Cold Prey II,” “Bad Meat,” “Sexcula” and others

SOUND SHOCK Elmer Bernstein’s “Saturn 3” score


DUMP BIN DIARIES “Vincent Price: MGM Scream Legends Collection”

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