First look: FANGORIA #324 cover and contents


FANGORIA #324 doesn’t hit the shelves or arrive in your mailbox till next month, but we’ve got the first peek at the full contents and the vamped-up cover.

The lord of all vampires, Dracula, graces our front to celebrate his return in CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW 2, the latest in the classic video-game series in which you can plays as Drac for the first time. An in-depth interview with the game creators heads a series of articles on bloodsuckers past and present, including talks with BYZANTIUM star Saoirse Ronan, B-movie fave/GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE hero William Smith and CARMILLA’s Meg Tilly, a look at Fango editor Chris Alexander’s BLOOD FOR IRINA, etc. We’ve also got Elijah Wood talking his psycho turn in the MANIAC remake, a visit to the set of HATCHET III, chats with the Soska sisters and Katharine Isabelle about AMERICAN MARY, a feature on the new FANGORIA Presents release ENTITY, Lena Headey on her roles in THE PURGE, DREDD and GAME OF THRONES, Brit appeal with XTRO, cult director Pete Walker and the new shocker THE SEASONING HOUSE and much more. Head down past the cover for the full details!




The remake’s star joined fans for a Times Scare celebration.

INTERVIEW: LENA HEADEY So evil in “Dredd” and “Game of Thrones,” she fights for her life in “The Purge.”

PREVIEW: “AMERICAN MARY”: THE SOSKA SISTERS The filmmaking twins’ second feature proves two twisted minds are better than one.

PREVIEW: “AMERICAN MARY”: KATHARINE ISABELLE A werewolf in “Ginger Snaps,” she’ll have you howling for more with her latest role.

INTERVIEW: KRIS LEMCHE Acting in many different horror subgenres, he’s achieved quite a high mortality rate.

PREVIEW: “MANIAC” No one knows what it’s like to be a madman behind blue eyes—except remake star Elijah Wood.

ON SET: “HATCHET III” Victor Crowley’s back and a new director’s got him—but not under control.

PREVIEW: “ENTITY” Director Steve Stone combines two styles of terror in this FANGORIA Presents release.

INTERVIEW: HARRY BROMLEY-DAVENPORT He created an xtremely strange screen xperience 30 years ago with “Xtro.”

INTERVIEW: PETE WALKER Psychopathology and politics made scary bedfellows in the Brit auteur’s cult cinema.

PREVIEW: “BYZANTIUM” In Neil Jordan’s latest, Saoirse Ronan is a youthful-looking vampire we’re happy to watch.

PREVIEW: “CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW 2” You may have fought Dracula in other games, but now you can become him.

MINIFEATURE: MICHAEL NOURI TV’s “Cliffhangers!” cast him as a recurring Count.

MINIFEATURE: MEG TILLY When “Carmilla” came to cable, she was the bleeding lady.

INTERVIEW: WILLIAM SMITH The veteran tough-guy actor once tried to track down the “Grave of the Vampire.”

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: “BLOOD FOR IRINA” Fango’s editor explores the creation of his dreamlike debut feature.

MINIFEATURE: “THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN” A look at the reality behind Charles B. Pierce’s drive-in favorite.

INTERVIEW: JIM VANBEBBER Back making movies in the short form, he’s drenching the screen with “Gator Green.”

PREVIEW: “THE SEASONING HOUSE” There’s no escape for its captured girls in a UK shocker ripped from recent events.

MINIFEATURE: ANNE SERLING The “Twilight Zone” creator’s daughter reveals her dad “As I Knew Him” on the page.

INTERVIEW: MIKE MIGNOLA The man who first made Hellboy has taken him back to his birthplace in new comics.

DIARY OF THE DEB: “EXHUMED” Look in this film, and you will see a cult of disturbed personalities.


FIRST RITES One unpredictable issue

POSTAL ZONE Getting their “Dead” on

MONSTER INVASION Previews of “Cut,” “Cell Count 2” and the “King Kong” musical, plus the 2013 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards winners!

MONSTER OF THE MONTH William Marshall’s unforgettable Blacula

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “Mama,” “The Vampire Lovers,” “The Grapes of Death,” “Night of the Hunted” and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Benjamin Percy’s “Red Moon,” Stephen Volk’s “Whitstable,” Michael Logan’s “Apocalypse Cow,” etc.

COMIC CASKET “Mischief Night”

DUMP BIN DIARIES New Line’s “Bones” Platinum Edition

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