First look: Full cover and contents for FANGORIA #342, with Barbara Steele!


FANGORIA #342 will be coming to stores and arriving in mailboxes in the next month, and we’ve got the first peek at the cover and full contents of an issue celebrating one of the true queens of horror.

Our next issue celebrates the inimitable visage and great career of Barbara Steele, a defining presence in international horror cinema from the 1960s to today. The original painted cover by Marc Schoenbach seen below heralds a lengthy appreciation of/interview with the actress focusing on her classic Italian vehicles, supplemented by a talk with Steele about her role in Ryan Gosling’s new LOST RIVER and an interview with veteran actor/producer Mark Damon, who shared the screen with the scream icon. Within these pages, you’ll also find Lin Shaye discussing her expanded role in the much-awaited INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3; words with Fango fave Dick Miller about the new documentary about his life and films; a visit to the set of Ted Geoghegan’s grisly ghost story WE ARE STILL HERE; Joe Dante on his latest feature BURYING THE EX; a chat with the director and star of the striking German import DER SAMURAI; Oliver Robins recalling his days as one of the child stars of POLTERGEIST; a look back at the obscure oddity SATAN’S CHILDREN with its cast and creators; and much more. Head down past the cover for the full details, and click here to subscribe to FANGORIA!



RETROSPECTIVE: “SATAN’S CHILDREN,” PART ONE Devilish cultists and other deviants run wild in this bizarre ’70s outing.

PREVIEW: “L.A. SLASHER” We’re all sick of reality-TV stars, but one guy actually does something about them.

PREVIEW: “INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3” The prequel takes franchise mainstay Lin Shaye on Further frightful adventures in the past.

INTERVIEW: OLIVER ROBINS As a young actor, he faced childhood terrors come to life in the original “Poltergeist.”

ON SET: “WE ARE STILL HERE” Writer/director Ted Geoghegan introduces you to ghosts that are burning for living souls.

PREVIEW: “THE NIGHTMARE” The real-life terrors of sleep paralysis are explored and recreated by Rodney (“Room 237”) Ascher.

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: “BORLEY RECTORY” A true UK haunting inspired the Ashley Thorpe project that would not die.

INTERVIEW: DICK AND LAINIE MILLER Horror’s familiar face teamed with his producer wife for a new documentary. Plus: Miller’s greatest hits.

INTERVIEW/APPRECIATION: BARBARA STEELE A look back at the fascinating actress’ unique and unforgettable career, with words from the icon herself!

FEATURE: “LOST RIVER” Ryan Gosling’s surreal feature has a shadowy realm for Steele to inhabit.

INTERVIEW: MARK DAMON Acting opposite Steele, Vincent Price and others, he also became a force behind the scenes.

MINIFEATURE: “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” Billy Pon delivers the goriest gang of face-painted freaks yet.

PREVIEW: “DER SAMURAI” Looking for cutting-edge Eurohorror? Try Till Kleinert’s twisted transvestite tale.

PREVIEW: “BURYING THE EX” Undying love has a hunger for blood in the latest comic chiller by Joe Dante.

INTERVIEW: JOAN VAN ARK Cast in a ’70s nature-amok flick, she was happy to spend more time with Sam Elliott than with “Frogs.”

INTERVIEW: BRAD DOURIF The Fango fave is an especially “Malignant” presence as he indulges in mad science.


FIRST RITES Barbara Steele: a feast for the eyes

POSTAL ZONE Readers reveal their treasure troves

MONSTER INVASION Hominid horror in “Throwback”

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne,” Jess Franco’s “Vampyros Lesbos” and “She Killed in Ecstasy” and more

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of M. Jess Peacock’s “Such a Dark Thing” and Derek Botelho’s “The Argento Syndrome”

DUMP BIN DIARIES Universal’s “ ‘Tremors’ Attack Pack”

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