First Look: Photos from Old Gods’ Bloody Video, “From Beyond”


Among Fango’s long roster of past and current contributors lies musician and now aspiring filmmaker, Jeff Tuttle. The talented, frenzied guitarist and horror devotee who shot to notoriety during his time in the notorious Dillinger Escape Plan has since left that band, enrolled in film school and started something confrontational and exciting in Old Gods. Fronting the noise-punk outfit finds Tuttle working through not only his macabre fandom, but the themes and concepts at play both in genre and life. With their first full length, STYLIZIED VIOLENCE on the horizon (a self-titled EP was out in 2011), the band has also afforded him the ability to marry visual and sonic blast in the splattered, strange clip for “From Beyond.”

“The title and lyrics of this song are a nod to the 1986 Stuart Gordon film of the same name,” says Tuttle. “At its core, FROM BEYOND is about compulsion. Why do we do the things we do? Why do we continually engage ourselves in activities we know will have negative consequences? It deals with both the conscious and unconscious drives that seemingly dictate our behavior. Like its namesake, these questions are sometimes better left unanswered. Seeing the other side doesn’t always have the happiest of endings, but the search for closure can be a seductive rabbit hole and we are only human. Whether we like it or not, it’s in our nature to be inquisitive.”

“For the video production, we wanted to create a sense of voyeurism; like the viewer is watching a pirate television broadcast similar to David Cronenberg’s VIDEODROME. We built on that idea and developed a centerpiece using a few TV’s and a flashing static sequence that was developed for the shoot. We wanted to stay as practical as possible so we shot close-ups of the static sequence at different angles to use as single-frame cuts throughout the video. We used these single-frames to create a strobing effect and a frenetic editing style to keep the tension high and the feeling of complicity alive at all times. That said, the video contains nearly 1,200 cuts in about three minutes.”

Tuttle believes the track and video (premiering tomorrow) are a perfect introduction to a now assured and focused project. “In many ways, ‘From Beyond’ is much more than mere music. For Old Gods, it represents the first song written for what would become STYLIZED VIOLENCE, an album with all the fury and all the fire of a band wholly shaken of all of its freshman awkwardness. For me, it was a wake up call. It was an opportunity to really delve into the horror tropes, get under the blood and latex and get down to the type of business that propelled me toward filmmaking in the first place.”

You can find a photographic preview of “From Beyond” below. For much more on Old Gods, visit their official Facebook and check out two tracks from STYLIZED VIOLENCE (out July 23) here.





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