First poster, Comments on STD shocker, “CONTRACTED”


Eric England’s third feature taps into some very real terror: the consequences of even one regrettable choice in sexual activity.

Having just seen the world premiere of his contained thriller ROADSIDE, looks are turning to MADISON COUNTY director Eric England’s next, the admitted departure CONTRACTED. The first pieces of teaser art, a poster and stills touting the ever-worsening protagonist, have been released. The movie sees lead actress Najarra Townsend play a girl who contracts what seems to be an STD following a one night stand, but ends up with something far worse.

We reached out to England to find out more about what sounds like a bit of shuddering body horror. “I’m so beyond excited for people to see this film, ” he tells FANGORIA. “Viewers can expect a fun, weird and intimate look into the gross consequences of a one night stand gone wrong. This film is completely original and unlike anything I’ve ever done in the past, or anything I’ve ever seen for that matter. There’s definitely a lot of Cronenberg and body-horror influence, but it’s wrapped around the personal story of this one girl. It’s a cautionary tale that will make you think twice about your next random hook-up.”

The film co-stars Caroline Williams, Matt Mercer and A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE writer Simon Barrett. Keep an eye on Fango for more from England and CONTRACTED.






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