First Poster: Screamfest World Premiere, “PARLOR”

World Premiering this October at Los Angeles’ annual Screamfest is PARLOR, from writer/directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, which aims to not only further exploit your fear of traveling, but spontaneous tattoos as well. 

In PARLOR, “six young college hopefuls vacationing and partying in Eastern Europe get more than they bargained for when they unwittingly get caught up in a maniacal tattoo artist’s fiendish side business.”

From the release:

PARLOR stars Robert Lasardo (Nip/Tuck, Death Race, Human Centipede III) as “The Artist” who runs an Eastern European tattoo Parlor.  As writer/director Kenny Gage (Raze) explains, ”We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity shoot in Old Town, Vilnius Lithuania.   The sense of scale, scope and historical architecture provided a unique backdrop for the film.”

Co writer and director Devon Downs delves deeper, “It’s common to get tattooed while on vacation, and you are never more vulnerable than when you are being tattooed,…especially in unfamiliar territory. “

Screamfest, which will also host the world premiere of SEE NO EVIL 2, takes place October 14-23 at the TCL Chinese 6 (6801 Hollywood Blvd.). See PARLOR’s first poster below, and for more on the festival, visit its official site.


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