First Poster: Ti West’s Cult Thriller, “THE SACRAMENT”


The first poster from Ti West’s highly anticipated new film wants you to see the world through the eyes of Father. 

Inspired by the events of Jonestown, THE SACRAMENT is a suicide cult-based thriller that finds three investigative journalists plunged into the mysterious ongoings at Eden Parish when one receives a letter from his sister, a resident there. The film may star previous West collaborators AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg and Amy Seimetz, but the director tells EW, “It’s a very confrontational movie and it’s very horrific and it’s very dark. It’s different from what people might expect from me and something different from what people expect from Eli [Roth, producer] as well.”

On the Jonestown-esque inspiration, he continues, ““Jonestown is something that I’ve always been really fascinated by, because I don’t think a lot of people understand it.”

For the full chat, visit Entertainment Weekly, who premiered the poster designed by Tom Hodge, AKA The Dude Designs. THE SACRAMENT—which co-stars NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN’s Gene Jones as the leader Father—world premieres at the Venice Film Festival, and then then makes its North American Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September. Expect more on the film at Fango in the coming weeks.



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