First Teaser, New Art: Chris Alexander’s “QUEEN OF BLOOD”


Fango editor Chris Alexander is currently hard at work finishing his sophomore feature, QUEEN OF BLOOD. A sort-of sequel to his first art horror outing BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD attempts to expand the scope, something on immediately on display in this first, mood-heavy teaser for the film. 

A thematic and stylistic follow-up to BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD sees the vampire Irina (once more played by Shauna Henry) reborn as a kind of vampiric plague, a force of nature whose destiny is to lay waste to a fever dream vision of the Wild West. Drawing her victims to her like insects to bright lights, Irina drains their blood through her fingertips while setting her sights on a pregnant widow (Carrie Gemmell, whose dreamy vocals also grace Alexander’s original score), a woman who might hold the key to Irina’s fate. Legendary Skinny Puppy vocalist and lyricist Nivek Ogre (REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA) also stars as a mad preacher, dangerously obsessed with Irina whom he sees as an act of God.  An epic, psychological, surreal film with touches of science fiction, QUEEN OF BLOOD also features costumes by Alex Kavanagh (the SAW franchise, LAND OF THE DEAD, REPO!) and special FX work from Paul Jones (SILENT HILL, POMPEII, the RESIDENT EVIL franchise).

QUEEN OF BLOOD is expected to hit festivals this year. See its first teaser, as well as new poster art, featuring painting/illustration by Nick Percival (Marvel Comics, HELLRAISER comics) and design by Marc Schoenbach and Sadist Art Designs, below. For more on QUEEN OF BLOOD, visit Autonomy Pics.

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