Five for Frightening: Circle of Dust’s Top 5 Dystopian Sci-Fi Films!


For this very special edition of Five for Frightening, FANGORIA is changing things up a bit, offering a platform for indisutrial rocker and genre film aficionado Klayton, better known to fans of his macabre musical project Circle of Dust. With his new album, MACHINES OF OUR DISGRACE, hitting shelves on December 9th via FIXT, Klayton and FANGORIA got together to talk about his five favorite Dystopian Science Fiction films! Without further ado…



BLADE RUNNER is the quintessential dystopian sci-fi movie. Phillip K. Dick’s incredible story brought to life by Ridley Scott featured the world and future I wanted to live in. The underlying horror of the whole film left me unsettled when it was over, from synthetic body parts readily available to the fact that you could be interfacing with a synthetic organism (human or otherwise) and not even know.




Being a big fan of Arnold before his role as “The Terminator,” James Cameron’s vision of the future along with a great story had me watching this film on repeat for years. As bad as the scene of Arnold carving his own eye out is by today’s CG capabilities, back then the visual of that made my skin crawl… in a good way.



3. TOTAL RECALL (2012)

Of course, Arnold’s version was good, but by today’s standards, TOTAL RECALL is pretty campy. I did like the reboot a lot however and felt like the updated visuals made that future world more viable to our imagination. Humans mutated by radiation seemed like it could be a real possibility when you lived in the ‘80s, so that made the idea a bit more terrifying. Plus there’s the girl with 3 boobs…




Bruce Willis was such a badass in this film, Brad Pitt plays a believable psychopath, and TWELVE MONKEYS is one of the more stand-out films relating to time travel at that time. I flinched with sympathy pain as Cole pulled his own teeth out of his mouth.




Philip K. Dick strikes again with a horrific and beautiful glimpse of a future we may yet see. There’s nothing more terrifying to me than the prospect of targeted advertising in your face 24/7, no matter where you go. I mean it’s not like they’re already doing that on Facebo…Hey, wait a minute…

Circle of Dust’s MACHINES OF OUR DISGRACE is now available for pre-order HERE, and will hit shelves on December 9th.


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