Five for Frightening: Horror-Shop’s Top 5 Halloween Decorations!

It’s that time of year once more, and Halloween is back to turn October into the waking nightmare that we know and love all too well. Yet few know the holiday better than the Germany-based Horror Shop, who have proven themselves a strong contender for the hottest Halloween shop. Featuring officially licensed costumes & masks, contact lenses, make-up appliances, decorations and much more, Horror Shop has everything a fright fan could want for the true Halloween experience, and FANGORIA is highlighting the five decorations that no self-respecting horror hound should be without on October 31st…

5. Animatronic Creepy Girl with Teddy Bear


Standing at almost 2-and-1/2-feet tall, this battery-operated Animatronic ghoul is guaranteed to unsettle partygoers with her eerie sounds and movements.


4. Head on a Stick


Want to liven up a dull room? A head on a stick will do the trick! Standing at 6-feet tall, this foam-rubber/PVC creation makes for a gruesome and gory gag.


3. Hanging Eyeball


At one-foot-long, this plastic severed eyeball makes for perfect ceiling dressing for the more macabre decorators this Halloween.


2. Bloody Footprint Stickers


This five sticker set will let any and all Halloween partygoers know that you’ve gone the extra mile to gross out your guests.


1. Zombie Welcome Sign


Part EVIL DEAD, part WALKING DEAD, this detailed 3-foot-long latex-on-wood zombie welcome sign is guaranteed to get your Halloween party off to a sinister start!

You can check out more awesome Halloween costumes and accessories at the Horror Shop, and don’t forget to tell ’em FANGORIA sent ya!

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