“FOOTAGE FOUND” short plays Lovecraft Fest


The found-footage approach has been applied to pretty much every other species of horror, so why not H.P. Lovecraft? Just such a short is playing at the eldritch author’s namesake festival this weekend.

Mike T. Lyddon’s FOOTAGE FOUND, ARABI will be part of the lineup at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, which runs tomorrow-Sunday, April 11-13 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. Inspired by a postcard Lyddon discovered that was written and mailed by Lovecraft from New Orleans in 1932 (see below), FOOTAGE FOUND focuses on a man who inherits a mysterious trunk containing a few reels of movie film, a VHS tape and a note reading, “Randolph Carter Evidentiary Footage, 9 June, 1932—That which should never be seen, but forever held.” We then witness both that old black-and-white footage and, on video, the fate of the trunk’s new owner.

“Combining found footage and Lovecraft had never been done before,” Lyddon tells Fango, “and I thought this would breathe some fresh air into the rather stale found-footage arena. There is no existing movie film of Lovecraft, so why not invent it? Shooting the old footage on real black-and-white film was also a must, because you always see these movies showing supposedly old film, and you can tell they just shot it on video and ran some effects over it. That choice became one-third of the budget, but it looks cool as hell.”

For more info on the festival, see its official website; for those who can’t make it, FOOTAGE FOUND, ARABI can also be seen as part of HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE, a DVD containing six scary tales, or purchased for viewing on Vimeo. For details on both, click here.



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