Frame This: Print Club London and Mondo unveil amazing art for “CARRIE”, “THE THING” and more


While maybe not so easily acquired (they do tend to sell out), we’re living in a climate where collectible poster art is ever present. Evocative and thrilling representations of beloved and cult films are greatly appreciated and admired, at least by a niche audience. The leader is, of course, Mondo, who today announced the on sale info of Jock’s incredible THE THING poster. Across the ocean, Print Club London has teamed with Film 4 Summer Screens series and Peter Strain’s CARRIE piece is something to behold.

Accompanied by prints for THE LOVED ONES (Hellovon), WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (James Joyce) and GREMLINS 2 (Serge Seidlitz), as well as non-horror titles THRONE OF BLOOD (Joe Wilson) and KES (Michael Gillette), CARRIE (above) and the Print Club London series are on display in the West Wing Galleries of Somerset House until August 21. Additionally, you can purchase prints from Print Club for £40 here.

Mondo, meanwhile revealed posters for THE THING, PREDATOR and PROMETHEUS will all hit tomorrow. As usual, the on sale announcement will be made via Twitter at a random time. Jock’s THE THING and JC Richard’s PROMETHEUS will go for $45, while Ash Thorp’s PREDATOR is $50. For much more, visit Mondo.




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