“FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY” and “ERRORS” filmmakers team for “PROFUNDIS”; exclusive art


The men behind two very different European-lensed genre films are joining forces on a new horror feature, and we’ve got exclusive comments and a striking piece of production art.

Richard Raaphorst, creator of the insane found-footage war-horror shocker FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY (pictured above; review), and Eron Sheean, director of the chilly medical thriller ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY (review), are currently developing the deep-sea fright film PROFUNDIS. “We are writing and will be directing it together,” Raaphorst tells Fango. “We want to show that Charles Darwin was wrong after all, and that our genes can act pretty selfish in horrific ways when it comes to the survival of the human race. Most of the movie will take place in an old submarine—and it will not be found footage.”

“It’s in the very early stages,” Sheean adds, “but it has a lot of potential, as we are both creature designers of sorts but also want to elevate the story. As Richard said, ‘He made a comic book, I made a novel, and together we can make a graphic novel.’ ” Stay tuned for more updates as PROFUNDIS gets closer to production. ERRORS is currently available on DVD and digital outlets from IFC Films/MPI Media, and FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY hits VOD and limited theatrical release July 26 from Dark Sky Films. Look for big coverage of ARMY in Fango’s pages soon.


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