“FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY” Blu-ray/DVDetails and art


The zombots are coming to the disc realm: Richard Raaphorst’s FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY marches onto Blu-ray and DVD next month. Read on for the full specs and cover art.

Hot off its well-received theatrical release (and featured as the cover story of the current FANGORIA #326), FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY is a crazed found-footage nightmare pitting Russian soldiers against the bizarre human/mechanical hybrids created by Viktor Frankenstein (Karel Roden) at the close of WWII (see our review here). MPI/Dark Sky Films releases the discs September 10, packing them with tons of special features:

FRANKENSTEINSARMYDISCNEWS• Making-of featurette revealing all facets of the filmmaking process (31 minutes)
• Interviews with:
-Director Richard Raaphorst
-Cinematographer Bart Beekman
-Production designer Jinrich Koci
-Unreal FX Team
• Burnt Match Man Creature Spot
• Mosquito Man Creature Spot
• Propellerhead Creature Spot
• Teddy Bear Woman Creature Spot
• Razor Teeth Creature Spot

Retail prices are $27.98 for the DVD, $34.98 for the Blu-ray.

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