Fright Night Theatre Hosts Ontario Premiere of “BAG BOY LOVER BOY”

Fright Night Theatre, Hamilton’s year-round horror program, boasting and bringing repertory and buzzed festival titles to audiences, is presenting one of 2014’s true oddities this weekend: BAG BOY LOVER BOY. 

A hit at Fantasia, last weekend’s New York City Horror Film Festival and more around the world, Andres Torres’ gory NYC satire evokes the seediness of classic city horror and stalker tales with a truly malevolent, bizarre grin. It’s a truly niche picture, suited mainly to the midnighters and lovers of odd shit. Hamilton, it’s coming for your cringes, hesitant laughs and stunned silence this Saturday, November 22nd at the Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N).

In BAG BOY LOVER BOY, “oddball hotdog vendor and love-lorn loser Albert is shocked to find himself thrust into the world of perverse fetish art photography when an an enigmatic NYC photographer named Ivan plucks him from obscurity to be his bizarre new muse and model. However, when Ivan accidentally leaves Albert with the keys to his studio, Albert decides that his best way to woo women is to become a freelance photographer. Soon, Albert is luring call girls and drunken women away from parties with the promise of modelling gigs that in his inept hands soon turn deadly and increasingly depraved. But what will happen when he, unable to distinguish sleazy art from reality, finally convinces the girl of his dreams to get behind the camera?”

BAG BOY LOVER BOY plays Fright Night Theatre at 9:30 p.m. alongside Jean-Francois Asselin’s short film REMEMBER ME. For tickets and much more info, visit Fright Night Theatre here. For more on the nutty, lurid BAG BOY, see our Michael Gingold’s review here.

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