Fright Rags debuts limited-edition “TWILIGHT ZONE” designs


There are few outfitters that are as appealing to horror fans as Fright Rags, who continually churn out solid scare fare-influenced apparel with unique variant designs. And while Fright Rags has brought horror fans t-shirts and other apparel from the biggest horror franchises, there’s one property that has been elusive to them… until now. In fine form, Fright Rags has just announced a set of limited edition TWILIGHT ZONE designs, printing out collectible apparel of sci-fi/horror’s most beloved television program.

The shirts each feature a stunning design inspired by classisc episodes from the series, such as THE INVADERS, TO SERVE MAN, TIME ENOUGH AT LAST, and NIGHTMARE AT 20,000 FEET (which comes in black & white and in color). And if you find yourself desperately wanting them all, there’s also the box set (limited to 225 units), which includes all of the previously mentioned shirts, plus a classic logo tee (for the traditionalist TWILIGHT ZONE enthusiast) and a handmade 4-inch resin INVADERS figure.

The individual shirts and box set (which you can see in a full gallery below) are all currently available for pre-order at Fright Rags. These shirts are limited edition so you might want to go ahead and grab them while there’s still time now… while there’s finally time… (Note: for maximum effect, read that last line out loud in your best Burgess Meredith impression.)

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