From the Editor: GOREZONE too hot for Canada!


To our Canadian readers: It has come to our attention that our first triumphant issue of GOREZONE—#28, continuing the original run’s lineage—has been tardy in getting to our Canadian readers. In fact, in many cases, the magazine has yet to arrive up north at all. The reason? Apparently, GOREZONE is too much for the Mounties!

That’s right, GOREZONE—which is sent, like FANGORIA, in a clear plastic mailer—has been causing Canadian customs no end of moral outrage and is finding itself sitting at the border, languishing in ethical limbo while the thought police leaf through it and assess just how offensive it is. Although the mag is filled with nudity, profanity and explicit gore, it is still a shock to us that in this day and age, something like GOREZONE would prove controversial. Still, there you have it.

Many of our Canadian faithful have e-mailed us about this, and we have made it a point to send replacement issues hidden in manila envelopes, which have arrived quickly. If you’re north of the border and are having difficulty getting your GOREZONE, e-mail chris@fangoria.com and we’ll sort it out. And going forward, starting with next month’s GOREZONE #29, we vow to only ship this slightly raunchier rag in a less revealing package.

Canadians are an odd bunch. I should know. I am one.

Chris Alexander
Editor-in-chief, FANGORIA

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