Well, FANGORIA readers, we hope you didn’t miss us too much over the holiday weekend. Seeing as we filled our gullets with more food to handle, we decided to give thanks to one of the greatest werewolf features of all time: John Landis’s AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.

Words can’t describe the effect that AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON has left on the horror communities, giving us one of the most definitive FX showcases in history with its legendary transformation sequence and also offering such wonderful, multidimensional characters through a lens of a clearly maturing director. Landis, having previously made his name in world of studio comedy, uses his camera as a mesmerizing weapon against the audience’s senses, whether it’s to provide misdirection for an incredible attack, stand still to capture a darkly hilarious conversation between ghostlike hallucinations or to work as a voyeur for the beast itself. Even more effective is the backdrop of London, whose architecture feels appropriate for a werewolf rampage, even as it was adjusting to the modern world.

It’s no wonder that the film is still as effective to this day, and is almost always the cornerstone of any horror fan’s collection (especially in its magnificent Blu-ray transfer to show every nook and cranny of the creature make-up). It was with baited breath and excited nervousness when I dug up these photographs from the Fango vault, and hopefully, you’ll get the same gruesome giddiness as well. So stretch your legs and have at it, you filthy animals!

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