From the FANGORIA Vault: David Lynch’s “BLUE VELVET”


Welcome again, fans of Fango! Just as we ready ourselves to ring in the New Year, we decided to dig up something extra special for you all out of our archive. Luckily, we uncovered some extremely rare stills from the production of David Lynch’s mad opus, BLUE VELVET, as well as a letter to Fangoria’s Editor Emeritus, Tony Timpone!

Largely considered to be one of his best straightforward narrative films, BLUE VELVET was a reinvigorating experience for many involved, especially director David Lynch, who was still recovering from his terrible experience adapting Frank Herbert’s DUNE. The story was much simpler, but proved the deranged mentality that helped make ERASERHEAD so unnerving was still alive, as well as potentially commercially appealing. Even though Lynch would have to wait until TWIN PEAKS before his aesthetics permeated through to mainstream pop culture, BLUE VELVET still earned Lynch his second Oscar nomination for Best Director, and gave a second life to the careers of Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini and Kyle MacLachlan.

As mentioned before, we have a copy of a letter sent to then-Editor-in-Chief Tony Timpone by the production of BLUE VELVET, which also contained one of the authentic prop ears used in the film. Unfortunately, the ear itself has been lost to time, but hopefully, we can still wish you FANGORIA readers a responsible and Happy New Ear!

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