There are few voices in horror as tied to summer as Stephen King. In stories like CHRISTINE, CUJO and IT, the author taps into the nostalgic essence of summertime with such masterful ease that it’s hard to resist being immersed. It’s even more powerful considering King’s negative depiction of winter in books such as THE SHINING and MISERY, where the cold temperatures bring isolation and appear constrictive in nature. With King on our mind, it’s no surprise that fate would bring upon us some great SFX shots and a still from Tom McLoughlin’s SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK!

Thanks to his unique understanding of the layered universe of Stephen King, McLoughlin brings SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK to life with a sinister atmosphere and a mischievous dark streak. Pushing the limitations of how scary (and at times, gruesome) made-for-TV horror could be, SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK is an underrated King adaptation about supernatural revenge and redemption. And much like IT and ROSE RED, SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK has also turned many budding horror fans towards King’s work, possibly more than his more adult-centric theatrical fare.

So buckle up and check out the excellent make-up SFX shots and still from SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK below!

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