Full “AMITYVILLE” Trailer: 112 Ocean Avenue is “AWAKENING”

The latest film to exploit the reputation of Long Island’s most haunted home is approaching. 

Arriving this January is AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, a Jason Blum and Dimension Films-production directed by Franck Khalfoun, who last brought us the brutal, stylish MANIAC remake. Happily, THE AWAKENING isn’t just another retelling of the Lutz’s ordeal at 112 Ocean Avenue. It is however, another sequel in which a family seemingly unaware of the house’s history moves right in. Cue flies.

In THE AWAKENING, Jennifer Jason Leigh (eXistenZ) plays a single mother, who moves herself and three children to Amityville to best care for her son’s severe state. Bed-ridden, James (Cameron Monaghan, who looks to have a Zelda thing going on) is vulnerable to anguish from the evil presence residing at the accursed house. His sister Belle (Bella Thorne) meanwhile, is subject to angst from being a selfish teen. Maybe she’ll go to a local hardcore show to let it out.

AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING kicks off 2015 on January 2. Cue flies.

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