Full bloody contents for GOREZONE #30!


The latest issue of GOREZONE is oozing its way toward subscribers now. If you’re not on that list, you don’t know what you’re missing—until you check out the complete contents of the mag—which can also be ordered individually—after the jump!

GOREZONE #30’s cover heralds our massive tribute to/interview with Fred Vogel of Toetag Pictures, who has grossed out and scandalized viewers everywhere with the ultraviolent AUGUST UNDERGROUND movies and other flicks. The equally notorious CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is remembered by its star Robert Kerman in a new, exclusive chat, complemented by words with Umberto Lenzi, who launched the Italian flesheater trend. Then there’s a set visit to the Lone Star State slaughterfest THE PICK-AXE MURDERS PART III: THE FINAL CHAPTER, an exclusive photo pictorial and interview with HUMAN CENTIPEDE starlet Ashlynn Yennie, new columns by Tim Lucas and Tom Savini and much more. GOREZONE is available by subscription only (it’s too rough for newsstands!), still for just $45 for one year/six issues, so go here to order; issue #30, as well as the two previous installments, are also available individually here.


BLOOD FEST Notes on the “Underground”

ON SET: “THE PICK-AXE MURDERS PART III: THE FINAL CHAPTER” How can there be a sequel when there was never an original? GZ investigates.

INTERVIEW: DIMITRI LOGOTHETIS Before Michael Bay went to Alcatraz, it became a “Slaughterhouse Rock.”

TIM LUCAS: TALES FROM THE ATTIC A tribute to Mike Vraney and the very weirdest of his Something Weird output.

INTERVIEW: UMBERTO LENZI When he confronted the “Man from Deep River” with cannibalism, he had no idea he was inventing a subgenre.

INTERVIEW: ROBERT KERMAN The star of “Cannibal Holocaust” was as outraged as anyone over its content.

PROFILE: FRED VOGEL AND TOETAG PICTURES The defiantly “Underground” director has taken gore to new heights—and depths.

INTERVIEW: FRED VOGEL Murder is an art form for the filmmaker as well as his onscreen characters.

TOM SAVINI’S MAKEUP FX LAB How the “helicopter zombie” in “Dawn of the Dead” lost a little off the top.

INTERVIEW/PICTORIAL: ASHLYNN YENNIE The desert gets even hotter when the “Human Centipede” star opens up to us.

FICTION: “THE CILICIUM PANDORIC” It takes a former Cenobite like Barbie Wilde to write about the creation of a new one.

SPLATTER HALL OF FAME “Splatter: Architects of Fear”

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