Full Moon Features launches streaming service, GrindhouseFlix

For $5 a month, you’ll have access to all the grunge, sleaze and grain you can handle.

Kicking off with Full Moon’s latest Charles Band-directed dive into bad taste, OOGA BOOGA, GrindhouseFlix offers fans the chance to “stream rare and bizarre film gems instantly on any device (including iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, and desktops) with four new films being added to the library each month.” Titles include the aforementioned BOOGA, as well as obscure favorites such as TOURIST TRAP, DREAMANIAC, NECROPLIS, WHITE SLAVE, RIOT IN A WOMEN’S PRISON and more.

OOGA BOOGA, starring Karen Black and Stacy Keach, joins the roster March 12 and follows the murder of an innocent African-American medical student whose soul is transferred into the body of an obscure toy, eventually extracting his revenge by killing racists in the city.

To get GrindhouseFlix for yourself and all pertinent devices, head to its official site,

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