Full “WORLD WAR Z” trailer: Is this what a zombie blockbuster looks like?

The undead are ubiquitous in popular culture. While they still toil in the classic roots of outbreak and post-apocalypse on AMC, last year saw them enter children’s film and February brought us a teen-focused romantic comedy. Now, with the big screen adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel,  we have our first zombie blockbuster—which looks none too different than a typical global disaster film.

The full trailer for WORLD WAR Z sells little of the zombies, themselves. They are pure digital chaos, and seem to be a stand-in for any sort of pandemic. Instead, the preview paints familiar strokes of an everyman, his enjoyable family breakfast and soon, the global mission he’s on to stop the entire world from crumbling.

Marc Forster directs. Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and David Morse star. WORLD WAR Z is out June 21. [iTunes]

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