FX wiz Gabe Bartalos returns to directing with “SAINT BERNARD”; first photo


Gabe Bartalos, the man behind the bizarre makeup FX of Frank Henenlotter’s BASKET CASE sequels, FRANKENHOOKER and BAD BIOLOGY as well as numerous other films, has gotten back into the director’s chair for the first time in nearly a decade with a surreal horror feature called SAINT BERNARD.

SAINTBERNARDBARTALOSNEWSAlso written and produced by Bartalos, SAINT BERNARD focuses on a composer of classical music (played by Jay Dugrè of Bartalos’ previous feature SKINNED DEEP) and his downward spiral into madness. “Bartalos pulls heavily from his ripe imagination,” according to the film’s PR, “creating extraordinary characters, bizarre set designs and incredibly inspired prosthetic effects. Amid a palette of dark themes, the film takes its audience on a turbulent ride through Bernard’s surreal adventures. SAINT BERNARD’s marvelously hypnotic tone displays influences characteristic of prior collaborations with art-world icon Matthew Barney, horror aficionado Frank Henenlotter and renowned photographer Mark Seliger, yet carves out a distinct new voice for Bartalos.”

The filmmaker/artist’s Atlantic West Effects created SAINT BERNARD’s special makeup and creatures, including The Chief, played by Peter Iasillo Jr., pictured at right. The cast also includes Katy Sullivan, Jack Doroshow, Bob Zmuda, George Clayton Johnson and longtime Bartalos collaborator (on the LEPRECHAUN films et al.) Warwick Davis as a character named Othello. The movie’s official website (just a homepage at this point) can be found here.

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