Behaviour Interactive’s “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT” makes for hours of gory gaming goodness (Game Review)


Horror video game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT has been creating buzz this past year with the successful launch of its PC version on Steam in 2016. Behaviour Interactive just released the console version this month, with add-ons to come later this year. We recently touched base with its Game Director and Creative Director to talk about the ins and outs of its creation. Meanwhile, FANGO’s gaming gurus have been hard at work behind the scenes testing the gruesome game and witnessing the carnage firsthand. We’ve gathered the players’ thoughts and experiences and have put them into one lucid review.

Check out both player’s outlook of the game below:

Review by: Michael Egbert

I play on a high end PC, so I am able to play the game on max settings on an ultra-wide screen. I had no issues getting the game setup on my system. The graphics and effects all work well to showcase the slaughtering grounds that make up the maps. I only learned after playing for a while that the maps are procedurally generated so no match is exactly the same. I like that aspect as nothing is the same for the survivors, leading to them having to think on their feet. Unfortunately, I was unable to play as a survivor due to the matchmaking feature not working for me. I did play as several of the killers versus full teams of 4 survivors.

         I really enjoyed stalking the survivors as they attempted to complete objectives. I mainly played as “The Wraith” which allowed me to be invisible until I chose not to be. While playing as an invisible killer, creeping up on an unsuspecting survivor and suddenly appearing in front of them was one of the best parts of the game. I noticed the panic as they desperately tried to get away. The survivors did not have any weapons to fight back with, so the killer felt very strong. The slow movement adds to the feeling of being a movie villain. At times, it was frustrating to move so slowly because even injured survivors can run faster than the killer. I had to reevaluate how I was going to catch them based on the current map which kept the game interesting.

The use of audio and subtle environmental clues to help a killer track their prey was well done. I was surprised by the depth of the other systems as well. The Bloodweb is procedurally generated for each character allowing you to unlock permanent items and one match use consumables. I think it’s a clever way of handling unlocks that are different for each character. I went into the game not thinking there would be much to it, but came away pleasantly surprised. I will definitely keep playing it.


  • The game performs well and looks good at max settings. They set the tone of the game play very well.
  • The depth of the item, consumable, and unlock systems were a nice surprise.
  • The gameplay as a Killer is very fun. Stalking a group of more and more panicky survivors is great.
  • Procedurally generated maps make for a frantic hunt as things change each time you play.
  • Each killer has a unique skill set that plays vastly different from the others
  • The developers seem to be supporting this game long term with new content still coming out.


  • The matchmaking for survivors never grouped me with anyone so I could not play that mode.
  • Some advanced graphical settings are hidden in a configuration file and not in in game menus.
  • Because the maps are so random some will inevitably be generated that favor one team over the other but that is just part of procedural generation rather than a full con.

Review by: Gabe Carr

 The game opens to a dark, frightful cinematic look which gives a haunting first impression of how the game will be. I like the options in choices for the staring line up of characters, and the choice options for killers is just as good. Listed below are some pros and cons for game play as a survivor.

Pros: options of choice, variety of boy/girl options as well as nationalities, and the leveling system seems fun and easy to navigate.

Cons: character abilities seem clunky and not controllable, no way to communicate with your team, everyone can be the same character, and no real way to fight back against the killer.

Killer’s Pros: (from survivor standpoint) cool skins, great powers, very creepy.

Needless to say, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT makes for hours of gory gaming goodness.

For more info visit their official website at: DeadByDaylight.com

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