Garden Gnomes go Zombie!


Dave McKendry chats with the creators of our favorite new lawn ornaments.

The gnome, a six-inch tall spirit of the Earth, has been with us for hundreds of years.  In ancient times, they kept watch over the land from just below its surface, dwelling well beneath the earth.  From there, they stood sentinel over buried treasures and underground mines filled with gems.

As time passed and treasure-guarding gigs became less frequent, gnomes found themselves out of work.  Some would go on to scare Argentinean children in internet videos, while others were content booking luxury vacations. The lucky ones were able to live out the rest of their days lounging comfortably in suburban gardens, their only fear, the neighbor’s dog.  That was until… the Gnomapacolypse: The Rise of the ZOMBIE GNOME.

From chrisandjanesplace.com comes the Zombie Gnome, a new take on the garden-variety originals.  This more gruesome side of gardening features zombies, victims, zombie killers, and gnomes devouring pink flamingos.  My favorite is the gnome holding a sign that says “THE END IS HERE”.  Although made for the lawn, these hand-made creations seem more suited to indoor viewing, rather than simply placing on the lawn. I had a chance to speak with the creators of these strange creatures.


FANGORIA: Can you tell me a little about how you got started making zombie gnomes?

CHRIS AND JANE: Chris came up with the idea while driving. He told Jane about it and she thought it was an amazing idea. Chris made 2 different Zombie Gnomes and a survivor gnome and Jane painted them up. They showed them to a few friends and they loved it. So they put it up on etsy to see if anyone else beside their friends liked them.

FANG: Why gnomes?

C&J: While driving in his car, Chris was thinking about the Zombie apocalypse and thought what would happen if it effected the fantasy world. Then gnomes came to mind.

FANG: How do you create the different designs?

C&J: We look at gnome folklore, zombie books and movies, gardening stores, comic books and tv shows to get inspiration. In the end Chris and Jane will agree on a design and move forward with it. Chris will then sculpt the idea and molds it. Jane will then figure out what colors would look best and she paints it up.

FANG: Were you horror fans beforehand?

C&J: Of course! Before Chris started making Zombie Gnomes he was making prosthetics for some short horror films and music videos. Later on Jane helped him with painting them. Jane fell in love with horror films when she got to college. Chris and Jane’s favorite horror movie is ALIEN.

FANG: What are some of your fave zombie films?


Check out Zombie Gnomes, as well as some of their other unusual creations, at www.chrisandjanesplace.com.

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