Geoffrey Girard’s haunting “MARY ROSE” book available exclusively at Barnes & Noble on October 17!


For those unfamiliar, Geoffrey Girard is an author of thriller and dark fantasy books. Originally hailing from Würzburg, Germany, Girard received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Washington college and a Master of Arts degree in creative writing from Miami University. His work has been featured in many publications over the years, but it was in 2005 when his first book, TALES OF THE JERSEY DEVIL, was released. Geoffrey Girard is also the author of the techno-thriller novel CAIN’S BLOOD and PROJECT CAIN, an accompanying companion novel for teens. Fast forward to 2017, he’s ready to unleash his next thrilling novel, MARY ROSE, published by Adaptive Books!

Read more about MARY ROSE below:

MARY ROSE by Geoffrey Girard. Inspired by the play by celebrated playwright of dark fantasy J.M. Barrie–a project Alfred Hitchcock notoriously tried to bring to screen for decades–this is a haunting tale of love, horror, and ultimately obsession.

Bright, spirited Mary Rose has everything to live for–a budding artistic career, a new American fiancé, a future as a respected, feted, society wife. If only her past would let her go. But deep within her there lies the secrets of the small Scottish island shrouded in superstition and sacrificial blood. The mysterious disappearance when she was a child, an event she has no real memory of and one hidden from her for decades. After all, no one ever expected her to return.

Twenty years later, she has returned home. Her mind tormented by macabre visions and the cloying whispers better left to nightmares. For something truly horrifying happened to Mary Rose on that misty summer island. Something that haunts, and stalks her, and now her family, still. Something her fiancé Simon Blake, up-and-coming Philadelphia lawyer, activist and self-made man, decides he must unravel.

What starts as a simple inquiry soon becomes unrelenting terror, cast within supernatural frights and devastating truths.  Driven by each new, chilling revelation, Mary Rose and Simon learn all too quickly that some horrors only get stronger with the passage of time…and some family secrets are meant to stay buried.


There will be a public book release event at the Mystic Museum in Burbank, CA! The event will feature a reading and Q&A with the author. (NOTE: You MUST RSVP if you will be attending the event.)

RSVP to: books@adaptivestudios.com to indicate your attendance. Adaptive Studios will respond with a confirmation email. 

Act quickly, space is limited! Mark your calendar for October 17th and have a killer good time with the talented Geoffrey Girard and Adaptive Books crew!

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