German goremeister Timo Rose switches on a “CORPSE GRINDERS” remake; first poster


The director of BARRICADE, GAME OVER and other bloody flicks is working on a new version of the best-known film by schlockmeister Ted V. Mikels. We’ve got the first info and a poster.

Timo Rose, the German filmmaker whose credits also include LORD OF THE UNDEAD, FEARMAKERS and UNRATED: THE MOVIE, has announced he’ll be shooting a new version of Mikels’ notorious 1971 feature THE CORPSE GRINDERS. The storyline starts out similarly to that of the original: Landau, owner of the Lotus Cat Food Company, has run into financial trouble. He winds up killing one of his employees and disposing of the body by grinding it up and putting it in his product. Suddenly, sales start to spike, leading to more people disappearances; one of the victims is a man named Frank, whose girlfriend Tessie sets out find him. However, the new movie will eschew the subplot in which cats who have consumed Lotus’ food develop a taste for flesh and start turning on their owners.

“I don’t want to see cats killing people,” Rose says. “I want to see Landau killing people. It’s time to retell the whole story from the beginning. It is a reboot, and it is something different and very new. It’s a modern version of bone-crushing terror, bloody and scary.” Max Evans, who also has a role in the upcoming BLOOD FEAST remake, will play Landau, and the cast also includes Enya Maria Tames and Yazmeen Baker. Production is set to begin June 1.


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