Get a Load of the Freakish New “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” Titles

It’s an annual event, unveiling the new set of opening titles for each season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Linked only by the same, harsh sonic dread and a proclivity to throw out unnerving images thematically and aesthetically tied to the respective season’s setting, the titles are always fantastic and sometimes better than a given episode itself. Here then, are FREAK SHOW’s, which look a departure in their more purely animated, but no less bothersome, style. 

It’s funny that the Main Titles come with a question. “Are there hints lurking in Freak Show’s mesmerizing main title sequence? We’ll let you decide…” reads the video’s description. Hints to what, exactly? If the titles weren’t somehow connected with the goings on of FREAK SHOW, they’d fail. Do they mean story beats perhaps? Can you spot a foreshadow or three?

They are, nonetheless, eerie. Full of creepy carnival mainstays (dummies, clowns, genetic oddities), the piece plays as if Adam Jones took Tool to the circus. And that’s alright.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW premieres October 8th on FX.

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