Get hooked on “JUNKIE” in November; trailer, exclusive comments


Director Adam Mason and screenwriter Simon Boyes, who previously collaborated on the screen shockers BROKEN, THE DEVIL’S CHAIR and BLOOD RIVER, have a new twisted tale on the way called JUNKIE, and Mason gave Fango some exclusive words on it to go with news of its distribution and a new trailer.

Indiecan Entertainment grabbed North American rights to JUNKIE, and will issue it on DVD and Blu-ray November 12, as well as on iTunes and other digital platforms in the U.S. in partnership with FilmBuff and VOD release in Canada the same day. According to Indiecan, “this twisted, darkly comedic tale of out-of-control addiction stars Daniel Louis Rivas as a man trying to go clean, and Robert LaSardo as his psychotic brother, who will do anything to stand in his way.” The cast also includes Andrew Howard, Tomas Boykin and Tess Panzer.

Mason tells Fango, “JUNKIE is a mad little oddity that I made with Simon Boyes and producers Daniel Louis Rivas and Charisse Sanzo after I realized that my directing career had basically gone tits up, and the opportunities for making cool indie flicks like THE DEVIL’S CHAIR and BLOOD RIVER had all but evaporated. Simon and I were in transition as writers to the studio system, and all that was picking up steam with remarkable force. Suddenly, Simon and I were where we’d always wanted to be. But that left my directing career in somewhat of a limbo that, in all honesty, I didn’t much resent. But one more for the road, right?

“Danny and Charisse gave us the opportunity to make our indie swan song, so we decided to really go for it,” Mason continues. “JUNKIE is that movie, the fitting end to an extremely nihilistic point of my life that encompassed a bunch of pretty nasty little flicks you’ve probably never seen. PIG, anyone? Duality was always a main theme for us, whether it was in BLOOD RIVER or the deeply flawed LUSTER. So we decided to dial it up to 11, mix in some WITHNAIL AND I—my favorite movie—and just go for it. The end result is the movie I’m easily most proud of, and the most personal thing I’ve ever been involved in.

“We rehearsed the script like a play, literally for months, and then shot it in seven brutal days. It was the best creative experience I’ve ever had from a directing point of view, and proved to me that ultimately, all that matters when it comes to movies is script and acting.” You can see JUNKIE’s official website here and Facebook page here.

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