Get more “FLESH FOR THE BEAST” on the web; first photos


Fever Dreams is returning to the sexy shocks of its debut feature for a new FLESH FOR THE BEAST web series, combining J-horror with reality horror; read on for info and a few early pics.

Currently shooting in the New York/New Jersey area, the six-episode FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO’S CURSE was written and is being directed by Carl Morano, with John Sirabella executive-producing. According to the synopsis, “The new series will introduce audiences to a team of paranormal investigators whose task it is to explore the dark occult fringes of reality. The trio consists of Maho Honda as Tsukiko, a beautiful Japanese girl and a highly sensitive psychic; Daniel Patrick Smith as Parsons, a skeptical science-based researcher with an obsession for the paranormal and Charlotte Pines as Fortune, a free spirit and new-age mystic with just enough science to keep her grounded. Each episode will feature strange, eccentric characters, eerie atmospherics and an unsettling mix of horror, gore and eroticism.” Providing that gore and other FX is Ashley Thomas (bottom photo) of Yellow Moth Makeup.

Find out more about what Fever Dreams (whose other credits include SHADOW: DEAD RIOT, WICKED LAKE, DEATH TRANCE, TOKYO GORE POLICE, THE MACHINE GIRL and the Hulu.com exclusive SHINOBI GIRL) is up to at the company’s Facebook page.





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