Get More of Tom Holland’s “UNTOLD TALES” with the ultra-violent “Glitter”


Last week we announced that filmmaker Tom Holland — the man who gave us such iconic works of 80s horror as the original FRIGHT NIGHT and CHILD’S PLAY as well as the underrated Stephen King adaptations THINNER and THE LANGOLIERS (not to mention penning PSYCHO II) — had gone full-blown lit with a new series of dark, sometimes satirical, often supernatural and violent short stories under the banner UNTOLD TALES.

His first UNTOLD TALE, “The Boy”, a parable about gang violence and redemption toughened up with  witty dialogue, a brisk pace and an eerie supernatural sheen, has already been released and this week, Holland ups the ante with the absurdly aggressive shocker “Glitter.”

“Glitter” sees a happy-go-lucky mama’s boy shopping for a diamond with his malevolent harpy of a fiancée. When a crew of gun-crazed thugs take over the jewelry store, things get very dark indeed for the couple, not to mention deep splattery red for everyone else.

To download the fantastic “Glitter” for 99 cents via Kindle, head right here.

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