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Originally posted on 2010-09-02 18:31:01 by Chris Alexander

Fans of more exuberant splatterthons should keep their eyes peeled for THE LEGEND OF BEAVER DAM, a 12-minute lunatic bloodbath musical that is as hilarious as it is vomitous. Produced for peanuts by Montreal-based theater duo Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion, BEAVER DAM stars Canadian comedian Sean Cullen as a demonic camp counselor whose campfire tales turn lethal.

As the evil guide starts bloodily dismembering and massacring the unluckier campers, he wails like Freddy Mercury. The music swells the blood spills and a gawky young camper must rally the troops, wail-rock anthems and save the day. If it sounds ridiculous, it is—and intentionally so. But the sheer amount of energy packed into the film’s lean running time will blow your brains, and most assuredly rock your world. The film will have its world premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, where THE LEGEND OF BEAVER DAM will screen on Thursday, September 9 before the mullet comedy FUBAR 2. In a TIFF first, the film will be part of both the Midnight Madness program AND the Short Cuts Canada program. It will then have its international premiere at the 2010 Sitges festival in Barcelona, Spain, running October 7-12. Other dates include:

Atlantic Film Festival (Sept. 16-25)

Fantastic Fest, Austin, TX (Sept. 23-30; North American premiere)

Calgary International Film Festival (Sept. 24-Oct. 3)

Edmonton International Film Festival (Sept. 24-Oct. 2)

Screamfest, Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 8-17)

Watch the teaser trailer below, and learn more about this raucous gem here.

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