Get some “CHEAP THRILLS” and more at Boston Underground fest

The first lineup of titles for the 15th annual Boston Underground Film Festival has been announced, and they’ve got some scary, creepy stuff playing for the first time in the area.

Taking place at Cambridge, MA’s Brattle Theatre Wednesday-Sunday, March 27-31, the festival will host the East Coast premieres of a number of features, including E.L. Katz’s CHEAP THRILLS (pictured above), starring Pat Healy from COMPLIANCE and THE INNKEEPERS as a down-on-his-luck new father who’s offered a way out of his dire financial straits by a wealthy couple (David Koechner and INNKEEPERS’ Sara Paxton)—with some unpleasant strings attached. Katz and producer Travis Stevens will be on hand for the screening. Also East Coast-premiering is Jason Lapeyre’s I DECLARE WAR (trailer below), about a group of kids whose combat games in the woods get shockingly out of hand; co-director Robert Wilson and producer Lewin Webb will attend.

Making their New England premieres are Kristina Buozyte’s VANISHING WAVES (trailer below, with some NSFW imagery), about mad-science experiments conducted on a comatose girl, and Kim Ki-duk’s gruesome crime/family melodrama PIETA. Finally, Jim VanBebber’s THE MANSON FAMILY will have a 10th-anniversary screening, accompanied by the director’s new short GATOR GREEN, as part of a nationwide tour we told you about here. Check out the festival’s official website for more details, and look for an exciting announcement about the second round of features shortly!

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