Reitman, Aykroyd Team For ‘Ghostcorp’; Expanding “GHOSTBUSTERS” Franchise


There are few upcoming genre films as divisive as the upcoming all-female GHOSTBUSTERS remake from Paul Feig, which essentially would discontinue the existing GHOSTBUSTERS storyline and start from scratch with a greater eye on horror. Yet many eyebrows were raised when word surfaced that the likes of Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum had been speaking to Sony about GHOSTBUSTERS, and that Aykroyd still believed the previous GHOSTBUSTERS films could be expanded upon on the big screen. And as it turns out, those eyebrows were not raised in vain as Deadline has reported that Sony will be teaming with Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd to develop Ghostcorp, a production branch solely devoted to expanding the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise, including with a male-centric counterpart to Feig’s all-female flick.

The move is said to have been one of the priorities for new Sony chairman Tom Rothman, who has secured the new GHOSTBUSTERS film to be the first in The Russo Brothers’ recent three-picture deal with the studio from a script by IRON MAN 3 writer Drew Pearce. Channing Tatum is currently attached to the film as a producer, and although not confirmed, it’s mostly presumed that Tatum will likely fill one of the proton packs himself, considering his success at the studio with the 21 JUMP STREET films. However, what is not known is what this GHOSTBUSTERS film will be in the bigger picture: will Tatum and company cameo in Feig’s GHOSTBUSTERS to set-up their own film? Will Pearce’s GHOSTBUSTERS film continue Aykroyd’s storyline and exist separately, much like EVIL DEAD (2013) and ASH VS. EVIL DEAD? Or will the male-centric GHOSTBUSTERS simply exist in the universe that Feig will establish, setting up for an eventual team-up film down the line?

Ghostcorp, however, will not just be film-centric, however. Reitman himself said Ghostcorp will also develop GHOSTBUSTERS TV properties and merchandise, with Feig’s GHOSTBUSTERS being the first chapter of this new brand that will focus on both being scary and funny. Of course, GHOSTBUSTERS always had the potential to become a merchandise powerhouse; hell, the Halloween costumes still sell like gangbusters and the film’s 30th anniversary re-release was one of the more successful theatrical revivals in recent memory. But the curious question is now is whether or not the connected universe model will work with comedy: after all, one lukewarm sequel is enough to kill an entire franchise, and GHOSTBUSTERS is the best franchise to know that.

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