Ghoulish Galleries: Gruesome German Horror Blu-ray Art!


Welcome to Ghoulish Galleries, FANGORIA’s newest column highlighting some of the things in horror culture that must be seen to be believed. Whether it’s eerie artwork, disturbing designs or things that will catch your eye (literally), we dare you to share our most Ghoulish Galleries!

This past Christmas, this writer was faced with a rather untimely and depressing dilemma: with one week before taking the reigns of FANGORIA.com, my Blu-ray player went completely kaput. Now while this problem pales in comparison to those around the world, this did leave me in a rather professionally compromised position, as I’d be unable to review a multitude of screeners and watch films for my various weekly columns without a Blu-ray player. However, from the goodwill and grace of a close friend, I received an unexpected Christmas present in the form of a brand new player, and even got a very wonderful upgrade: this bad-boy was multi-region compatible.

While this might not mean a lot to most, film collectors know that having a region-free player opens up a world of possibilities: suddenly, I had the ability to watch any film from any part of the world. This included films not available in the U.S. on Blu-ray (including the likes of Brian Yuzna’s SOCIETY and Neil Jordan’s THE COMPANY OF WOLVES) and films not available in the U.S. in general (including the long-elusive 7500 and KRISTY).

But perhaps the most unexpected byproduct of my situation was finding a treasure trove of amazing Blu-ray cover art that is so unfortunately unavailable stateside. Among the different countries whose Blu-ray art was most entrancing was Germany, which offered a wide variety of steelbooks, collector’s editions and box sets, each offering their own unique visual incentives for purchase. These compelling works of art certainly took my imagination with a firm grip, and hopefully, they’ll amaze you too. Check out some of this art in the gallery below, and let us know your favorites over at our Facebook and Twitter!

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