Ghoulish Galleries: The Insane Horror Movie Poster Art of India!


Welcome to Ghoulish Galleries, FANGORIA’s newest column highlighting some of the things in horror culture that must be seen to be believed. Whether it’s eerie artwork, disturbing designs or things that will catch your eye (literally), we dare you to share our most Ghoulish Galleries!

For all horror fans who indulged in Scream Factory’s amazing NIGHTBREED Blu-ray release last year, one of the cooler discoveries was learning that the art used for the director’s cut was none other than a slightly altered version of the film’s theatrical poster in India. And if you’re like this writer, that information likely sparked your curiosity towards what other fascinating and occasionally absurd genre artwork lay within Bollywood’s borders. Luckily, thanks to the internet, there’s a rabbit hole of Indian horror posters to look into, some freaky, some absurd, and some that are absolutely mystifying, and for this week’s Ghoulish Gallery, FANGORIA would like to share some of our favorites.

While there are a few stateside imports in the mix (specifically for FROM BEYOND, SHARK NIGHT 3D, THE POSSESSION and POULTRYGEIST), most of these posters bare the fruits of India’s incredible cinematic culture. Some are cut together as montages, others are hand drawn, and some of the more modern ones are the work of graphic designers, but they’re unlike anywhere else in the world and offer a sincerely imaginative and unique take on horror advertising. So without further ado, here’s some of Bollywood’s most petrifying poster art!

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