“GODZILLA” gets Frank Darabont, new producer; possible cast


The man who brought flesheating zombies to television has now been hired to help give the King of the Monsters a cinematic facelift.

Deadline reported yesterday that THE WALKING DEAD creator Frank Darabont (pictured) has been brought on board the new GODZILLA by Legendary Pictures, which is producing and financing the reboot for Warner Bros. release May 16, 2014. He’ll be rewriting the script previously toiled on by Max Borenstein, David S. Goyer and David Callaham. In addition, Dan Lin and Roy Lee, the Warners-based producers who first brought the project to the studio, have been dropped from the project, with Mary Parent—fresh off another new kaiju epic, Guillermo del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM—coming on to replace them. MONSTERS’ Gareth Edwards is directing the Big G’s latest screen adventure; Variety reports that Warners is considering the likes of Henry Cavill (star of the studio and Legendary’s upcoming MAN OF STEEL), MONSTERS star Scoot McNairy (who just raised his profile in ARGO) and Caleb Landry Jones for leading roles.


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