“GODZILLA VS. KONG” officially announced!


With two classic creature franchises now under Warner Bros.’ roof, the studio and Legendary Pictures have confirmed that a monster matchup will hit screens—in five years.

Variety reports that 2020 will see the release of GODZILLA VS. KONG, uniting two giant beasts who each have separate sequels coming in the next few years. The film will take place in an “ecosystem” the companies are establishing, similar to the Marvel Universe, in which the Monarch organization seen in the 2014 GODZILLA will seek out other giant lifeforms. Legendary’s Thomas Tull says, “Audiences really responded to GODZILLA. Today, I’m excited to reveal that film was only the beginning of an epic new entertainment universe. As a lifelong fan of these characters, I’ve always wanted to see the ultimate showdown, and today we’re pleased to be announcing that and more.” Adds Warners’ Kevin Tsujihara, “Working with our partners at Legendary, we enjoyed tremendous creative and commercial success with GODZILLA. It’s great to be able to revisit these characters and help create a franchise with so many creative possibilities for filmmakers. Fans love these big, globally iconic films and it doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

A filmmaking team has yet to be announced for GODZILLA VS. KONG. The giant ape’s next outing, KONG: SKULL ISLAND, rolls October 19 under director Jordan Vogt-Roberts with CRIMSON PEAK’s Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell starring, and release set for March 10, 2017. GODZILLA 2, in which the Big G will be joined by Toho stablemates Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah, sees Gareth Edwards return to the director’s chair from the previous movie, and will open June 8, 2018. No word yet if MEG, Warners’ forthcoming giant-shark movie based on Steve Alten’s novel to be directed by Eli Roth (who discussed it here), will be woven into the Monarch universe…

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