Great Concept Poster for “VIKING VAMPIRE”


If all that ever comes of VIKING VAMPIRE—a self explanatory Norwegian horror comedy from writers Kjersti Rasmussen and Kjersti Steinsbø and THALE producer Bendik Heggen Strønstad—is this poster, it will be gift enough. 

Brought to attention by mavens of world cinema Twitch, VIKING VAMPIRE is from production company and plays with a fictional reality show entitled “Valhalla.” In “Valhalla,” the participants live and compete like Vikings in the beautiful fjords of Norway. The Viking village is built on historic ground where the Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth once ruled and was later buried. Little do they know that the old king is a Viking Vampire who has waited for over a 1,000 years to be set free. When the reality participants plunder his grave at night, they break the seal in silver that kept Eirik Bloodtooth trapped in his grave, and release the most dangerous Viking King in Norwegian history. 

VIKING VAMPIRE is currently in development, a process which boasts the fantastic poster above and some seriously delightful concept art, which you can see at Twitch. The film is a ways off, but keep an eye on Fango for more.

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