Great poster for Bobcat Bigfoot movie, “WILLOW CREEK”


Bigfoot is poised to be back in a big way. BLAIR WITCH’s Eduardo Sanchez is currently finishing his EXISTS and now longtime comedian and WORLD’S GREATEST DAD and GOD BLESS AMERICA director Bobcat Goldthwait is unleashing his own take on the legend. That film, WILLOW CREEK has garnered something real special from frequent Mondo collaborator Alex Pardee. 

Pardee, who previously illustrated Mondo’s also incredible SCREAM poster, has done an incredible job on this one. In his most infamous pose (from the Patterson-Gimlin film), a Bigfoot made of nature and the screams of witnesses towers high above, extending from Earth to the stars. He is both of our Earth and otherworldly.

Goldthwait previously spoke about WILLOW CREEK on Deathsquad podcast, Pointless. It’s a brief piece of audio, but he reveals his intent is to scare. You can listen to what he had to say, as well as see the great one-sheet below. WILLOW CREEK premieres at the Boston Independent Film Festival on Monday, April 29. Badass Digest premiered.


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