Green, Hartnett in Victorian horror series “PENNY DREADFUL”


PENNY DREADFUL, the upcoming Showtime series that will attempt to “League of Extraordinary Gentleman” a slew of figures from classic macabre literature into one, psychosexual web has garnered two leads.

Eva Green (CASINO ROYALE) and Josh Hartnett were announced out of the TCA’s as starring in the series. The two will not be playing any of the previously established characters expected to appear, such as Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray or anyone from DRACULA. Instead, Green will play Vanessa Ives,  the series’ haunted heroine. Hartnett takes on American-in-London Ethan Chandler, a “fake cowboy.”

Produced by Sam Mendes and writer John Logan (who teamed on SKYFALL), the first episodes of PENNY DREADFUL are to be directed by THE ORPHANAGE’s Juan Antonio Bayona. Upon announcement of the casting, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins teased the series as, “smart and psychological, but we’re not going to be gentle with the horror. I think it’s going to scare the shit out of people.”

The term Penny Dreadful emerges from cheap, pulpy serials and novels that entertained Victorians as literacy increased in the 1800s. Expect PENNY DREADFUL in Spring 2014. [TV Line]

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