Jeremy Saulnier’s Punks Vs. Skins Thriller “GREEN ROOM” Casts Up

There are few developing films to look forward to more than this. 

Coming from Jeremy Saulnier, the writer-director of MURDER PARTY and this year’s stellar revenge film BLUE RUIN, is GREEN ROOM. Reteaming Saulnier with frequent collaborator and RUIN lead Macon Blair, GREEN ROOM will star Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Anton Yelchin and PEAKY BLINDERS’ Joe Cole in a violent story of punks vs. skins!

THR reports, “the story centers on a punk band, headlined by Yelchin’s character, who witnesses a murder at one of their shows in a middle-of-nowhere venue. They find themselves locked in the green room and targeted for death by a gang of racist skinheads. Poots will play a skinhead whose friend is the one whose death sets the action in motion and who joins forces with the band.”

We’ve long needed a return to genre films with movie punks, young snots with personality over the bland teens on multiplex screens. It sounds like GREEN ROOM could be such. Speaking to The Scorecard Review in May, Saulnier revealed the film is motivated by political and societal frustrations. He says, “…my new script is a little bit of self therapy concerning conservative power structure and aggression, but more about learned aggression; the carnage we do to each other. What are the motivations behind this stuff? Two fat cats shot-calling and then steering everyone in this pointless direction. It’s pissing me off. So, if you can’t do anything about it politically other than just vote twice a year, you make a movie. And you murder lots of Nazis.” Regarding characters, he reveals just one: “…there is a fun little unlikely character, and it’s sort of passing the baton to the new era of female action helmers.”

GREEN ROOM shoots in Portland this fall, with Broad Green Pictures producing and financing.

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