“GREEN ROOM’s” Patrick Stewart remembers his first screen kiss in “LIFEFORCE”


While chatting with FANGORIA about his quietly terrifying performance in the upcoming GREEN ROOM, Patrick Stewart flashed back to an earlier genre turn in Tobe Hooper’s LIFEFORCE—and an unconventional milestone in his acting career.

In the 1985 film, Stewart plays Dr. Armstrong, who falls victim to the possessive spirit of the extraterrestrial psychic vampire played by the beauteous Mathilda May. “That film, as a matter of interest, gave me my first onscreen kiss,” he tells us, referring to a scene in which the space girl reaches from Armstrong into the mind of astronaut Tom Carlsen, played by Steve Railsback (see it below). “It was originally meant to be with Mathilda May, which I was looking forward to, but at the last moment, Tobe had a different idea and decided to switch Mathilda for Steve Railsback. So I ended up having my first screen kiss with him. It was a little awkward—it wouldn’t be these days, not at all, but it was then—but Steve was wonderful about it, and gave a terrific performance. But all I had in my mind at the time was, oh my God, this is the man who played Charles Manson; what if he eats me while he’s kissing me or something [laughs]?” The moment, which was truncated for U.S. release, plays longer in the international version that can be seen on the Scream Factory LIFEFORCE Blu-ray/DVD combo.

A24 releases GREEN ROOM in New York and Los Angeles on April 15, and takes it nationwide April 29; see our review here and look for more coverage at this site and in Fango’s pages closer to the release.

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