Grindhouse Releasing returns with “CORRUPTION” and “AN AMERICAN HIPPIE” alongside


Following the sad passing of co-founder Sage Stallone, and  Bob Murawski’s stint on OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, home video heroes Grindhouse Releasing are gearing up for a welcome return, bringing Peter Cushing vehicle CORRUPTION and oddity AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL to theaters and Blu-ray this September.

Coinciding with the revered British actor’s Centennial, CORRUPTION sees Cushing  as “a surgeon driven to murder and madness as he attempts to restore the beauty of his hideously disfigured fashion model wife. This special edition contains shocking scenes of gore and nudity previously deemed too strong for American audiences.”

Meanwhile, AN AMERICAN HIPPIE seems the type of film Grindhouse was born to treasure and restore. Once lost, Amos Sefer’s film is packed with ” murderous mimes, robots, blood thirsty sharks, free loving debauchery and poignant anti-war monologues by raving mad hippies” as the group of flower children search for a peaceful getaway, but only find the horrors of raw survival.

Grindhouse will bring both films home on September 10, with new Blus of past titles, as well as THE BIG GUNDOWN, THE SWIMMER, GONE WITH THE POPE and SCUM OF THE EARTH (a.k.a. POOR WHITE TRASH PART 2) to follow. For more, see CORRUPTION and AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL trailers below and keep up with the label at their official Facebook.

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