Guest Announcement: “FRANKENHOOKER” Star Patti Mullen and “REPO!’s” Alex Kavanagh join HORROR-RAMA

FANGORIA is sponsoring a new, Toronto-based horror convention called HORROR-RAMA, a two-day fan event happening in Toronto, Canada this November 1-2, 2014 (check out the preliminary news item here). The first guests announced were the First Lady of Gothic Italian horror, the one and only Barbara Steele; pioneering shock rocker Nivek Ogre, of the industrial performance-art band Skinny Puppy; psychosexual horror author Michael Slade (HEADHUNTER, GHOUL), filmmaker and author Jovanka Vuckovic, FX legend, actor and filmmaker, Tom Savini and British born, Toronto based FX artist Paul Jones (NIGHTBREED, SILENT HILL, NURSE 3D).

Now, we’re announcing two more great guests!

First, HORROR-RAMA warmly, wetly welcomes the star of Frank Henenlotter’s celebrated cult sex and death black comedy FRANKENHOOKER, the one and only Patti Mullen! Patti – whose stitched up streetwalker is an icon of counterculture cinema — will appear courtesy of co-sponsor SHOCK STOCK, London, Ontario’s premier exploitation film culture convention.

Next, we’re excited to bring costume designer Alex Kavanagh on board! Kavanagh has designed all the costumes and grim accessories for every single SAW sequel to date, George A. Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD, DIARY OF THE DEAD and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, GINGER SNAPS II and III, REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and many, many more. She’ll be dusting off some of her more outrageous creations for fans to see and snap a pic, or three, with.

The brainchild of Toronto cult cinema institution SUSPECT Video and its owner Luis Ceriz and FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander, HORROR-RAMA is a niche convention, bringing together legends of horror cinema and dark pop culture for an intimate and interactive couple of days in the heart of the city.

More guests will be announced over the next several weeks, so stay tuned and be sure to visit the HORROR-RAMA Facebook page for even more details.

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