Guest Announcement: HORROR-RAMA Welcomes Author Michael Slade


Last week, FANGORIA announced our sponsorship of a new, Toronto-based horror convention called HORROR-RAMA, a two-day fan event happening in Toronto, Canada on November 1st and November 2nd, 2014 (check out the preliminary news item here). Our first guests announced were the First Lady of Gothic Italian horror, the one and only Barbara Steele and pioneering shock rocker Nivek Ogre, of the industrial performance-art band Skinny Puppy.

Our next announced master of the macabre scheduled to attend the fan-fueled festivities is best-selling Canadian horror author Michael Slade, a man with a long history documented in the pages of FANGORIA.

Horror Rama MSlade (2)Slade—as every good “Sladist” knows—is the pen name of Vancouver based, former criminal lawyer Jay Clarke, a demented genius whose decades-spanning series of novels dealing with the “Special X” division of the Mounties have made him a hero for those readers looking for ultraviolent, sickeningly sexual horror fiction tempered with brilliant, reoccurring characters and globe-trotting locations. Favorites include HEADEHUNTER, GHOUL, BURNT BONES, HANGMAN, KAMIKAZE and EVIL EYE to name only a few jaw-dropping Slade tomes.

To read Michael Slade is to sink into the darkest recesses of the criminal mind, immerse oneself in the most vulgar and phantasmagorical descriptions of deviant murder and Grand Guignol while simultaneously entering an almost Ian Fleming-tinted landscape of serpentine thrills. HORROR-RAMA is excited to bring the one and only Michael Slade to Toronto to meet fans, sign books and riff on the rich, revolting world he has been sculpting for over 30 years.

The brainchild of Toronto cult cinema institution SUSPECT Video (owned and operated by Luis Ceriz) and FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander, HORROR-RAMA is niche convention, bringing together legends of horror cinema and dark pop culture for an intimate and interactive couple of days in the heart of the city.

More guests will be announced over the next several weeks, so stay tuned and be sure to visit Horror-Rama and the HORROR-RAMA Facebook page for even more details.

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