Guest Announcement: HORROR-RAMA Welcomes Tom Savini


Recently, FANGORIA announced our sponsorship of a new, Toronto-based horror convention called HORROR-RAMA, a two-day fan event happening in Toronto, Canada this November 1-2, 2014 (check out the preliminary news item here). Our first guests announced were the First Lady of Gothic Italian horror, the one and only Barbara Steele; pioneering shock rocker Nivek Ogre, of the industrial performance-art band Skinny Puppy; and Canadian psychosexual horror author Michael Slade (HEADHUNTER, GHOUL).

Our next announced master of the macabre scheduled to attend the fan-fueled festivities is genuine FANGORIA royalty: HORROR-RAMA is thrilled to bring the one and only Tom Savini to our little, two-day soiree.

In 1979, 35 years ago, when FANGORIA released its first issue, there was an article charting the vulgar gags in George A. Romero’s new zombie movie DAWN OF THE DEAD. This would grab readers and define what FANGO would be for the decades to come. The images detailed shocking scenes of cannibal corpse violence, all realized by a young, wild FX wizard named Tom Savini and those gruesome tricks would single-handedly create what would be known as the “splatter movie” sub-genre.

The films that followed – CREEPSHOW, FRIDAY THE 13th, THE BURNING, DAY OF THE DEAD etc. – would show horror fans phantasmagorical realizations of their worst, wettest nightmares and advance the art of special FX make-up.

Since those golden days, Savini has proven himself as a writer, a teacher, an actor and a director and is one of the most vital voices and personas in the long, storied history of horror. He’s also come full circle with FANGORIA, writing a column for our recently revamped sister magazine GOREZONE. Often imitated, never duplicated and always a blast to hang out with, we’re excited to have Tom Savini on board.

The brainchild of Toronto cult cinema institution SUSPECT Video and its owner Luis Ceriz and FANGORIA editor Chris Alexander, HORROR-RAMA is a niche convention, bringing together legends of horror cinema and dark pop culture for an intimate and interactive couple of days in the heart of the city.

More guests will be announced over the next several weeks, so stay tuned and be sure to visit the HORROR-RAMA Facebook page for even more details.

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