Guillermo del Toro talks the state of “PACIFIC RIM 2” and other projects

With his Gothic romantic chiller CRIMSON PEAK (discussed here) now in theaters, Guillermo del Toro will soon be turning to his next project—and while the sequel to his monster bash PACIFIC RIM is on hold, he says it’s not dead, and shared some of his plans for it with us.

“It’s not cancelled by any means,” he tells Fango, “but it is postponed. It’s sort of different from the first one, in the sense that we are now five years after the fall of the breach, and the landscape has changed, and we have a very different feel for the Jaegers. I cannot spoil it, but while you’ll get Jaegers vs. Kaijus, we also have some amazing Jaeger-on-Jaeger action that is pretty cool.”

Del Toro adds that the looks of the Kaijus will continue in the heightened spirit of the original’s beasts. “They were based more on the Tsuburaya creatures from ULTRAMAN than on the Toho monsters, which were more conservative. I wanted to bring that sort of surreal quality to the Kaiju design. That will continue in PACIFIC RIM 2; we have a couple of really good Kaijus in that one! But right now, we just don’t know when that’s going to happen, and I’m going to do something else between CRIMSON PEAK and PACIFIC RIM 2.”

What that film is is something he prefers not to reveal: “I want to keep it under wraps, because every time I announce a movie, it falls through,” he laughs. For the same reason, he declines to discuss the numerous other projects he’s been attached to, including new versions of FRANKENSTEIN and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE: “Those things have a way of complicating my biography on the Internet.”

And on that subject, he’d like to make clear that he is not involved with the upcoming RINGS, the latest in the American film franchise based on Japan’s RINGU movies—despite what you can read on the IMDb. “That is a mistake,” he states. “I have written them twice to correct it, but for some reason they’re keeping it in there. If the studio sends me a check, I will complain less, but I am really not involved with that.” He is also no longer working as executive producer on a feature-film expansion of Rodrigo Blaas’ creepy computer-animated short ALMA, although he adds, “Rodrigo and I are working on TROLLHUNTERS [no relation to Andre Øvredal’s film] at DreamWorks, and having a great time with it.”

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